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The Girly Times! Take 3

Updated: Feb 16

From 7th grade Music Major, Khadijah B, comes The Girly Times! In this section, Khadijah will go over things in her life that she loves, interested in, and pop culture.

Today we are going to talk about tips for school and 7th grade - I have a hard time making friends, so I am going to give you some tips that my mom and my sister told me.

  1. Be yourself – I have such a hard time being myself because of kids in my grade because of thing in my past but anyway not everybody is going to like you and it took me so long to realize that if you start being yourself I'm sure that the right people will come to you.

  2. Make at least one upper class friend - making an upper-class friend will tell you what teachers are bad and with teachers are good.

  3. Live your life like a princess - the world is your oyster so don’t care what anybody says, wear tiara and love yourself.

  4. Expect the princess treatment ONLY!

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