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The Girly Times! Take 2

Updated: Feb 16

From 7th grade Music Major, Khadijah B, comes The Girly Times! In this section, Khadijah will go over things in her life that she loves, interested in, and pop culture.

Hey girls, today we are going to talk about singing and music. I first started singing when I was a baby my mom put me in the church choir. My singing career just sky rocketed from there. I have been in plays in musicals at BAVPA and it fun to be a part of them. It very hard work but I love it and wouldn’t change a thing.

My music taste includes artists like Ariana Grande, Tate McRae and Sabrina Carpenter. I love their music and they inspire me to sing, and they have fun music to dance and sing to. I have my own singing account on TikTok, @2000girlspam. I post cover of Mean Girl’s vocal warmups and many more. I was born with natural singing abilities. I have never taken a singing lesson in my life. My dream is to sing professionally and record music. I hope I get there one day and in the meantime I’m a party princess and perform at kid parties and I love it. I got started with my niece party’s and people loved it. That's all for this week girls, see you soon.

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