Arts Academy VISUAL ARTS Department

The Visual Arts program helps students develop individual and collaborative skills, technological competencies, flexible thinking, and an appreciation for diversity. Our specialized courses of study includes classes in 2D and 3D, traditional and contemporary art making practices. By offering a variety of courses we are able to help students develop a portfolio of work that displays an understanding of a variety of purposes of art and a dep understanding of the elements and principles of art and design. This portfolio can be used when the student applies for scholarships, colleges or careers.

Students are given the opportunity to explore art in the community by visiting local artists in their studios, visiting galleries and hosting guest artists in the classroom. Field trips to New York City are also offered to interested students. These trips help the students experience the hub of the art world by visiting museums, galleries, theatre performances, as well as tours of art schools. 


Additionally, students will study Aesthetics and Art Criticism and Advanced Placement Art History. These courses may be eligible for college credit.

As a department, our goal is to graduate students who:


  • Are proficient with arts materials

  • Are able to speak intelligently about art

  • Have a growing understanding of art history and its impact on contemporary works

  • Have a well developed portfolio for college admissions

  • Are creative problem solvers

  • Are aware of larger connections in the arts community and the world

  • Are passionate about the arts



Art Department Courses:

Grade 5-6 Major Art (one period every day)


Grade 7-8 Major Art (double period every day)


High School Courses (double period every day):

Studio in Art

Graphic Design


Drawing and Painting

Computer Art

Advanced Drawing and Painting

Art Criticism and Aesthetics (single period every day)



AP Art History (single period every day)

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Grades: 5-12 • Hours: 7:50-2:44
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