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The Girly Times! Take 1

Updated: Feb 15

From 7th grade Music Major, Khadijah B, comes The Girly Times! In this section, Khadijah will go over things in her life that she loves, interested in, and pop culture.

Hi girls, today we are going to talk about fashion. I’m so excited about this.

My sense of style is Sharpay girl girly core I am wearing pink and bows and dresses.  I like Sharpay and girly thing because I love pink and bows, I love shopping at loveshackfantasy, and I love JoJo Siwa bows. I like wearing hoops because Mean Girls character Regina George is one of my style icons.  A Sharpay girl is a girly girl and a boss babe, and we love shopping we love pink and sparkles. There are many types of styles you can try like baddie emo or old money.  If you are trying to find your style, follow @Ange Marino on TikTok she had great style video. That all this week girls!

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