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Creative Writing Corner - 3rd Edition

Welcome to our Creative Writing Corner! In this section, you will hear all different voices from all grades. This installment is brought to you by Jasper Hough, sophomore in the Media Communications Department.


Such a Crybaby.

That’s what you are.

You’re the first to crumble,

when things start to go wrong.

A situation gone awry is irritating,

to absolutely everyone who is engrossed.

But when those crocodile tears begin to fall,

I promise that you bother everyone most of all.

Disgusting sniffling and whining at effortless insults,

with absolutely deplorable looks of sadness at deceptions.

A face soaked in constant sorrow is only to be seen as weak.

A dramatic creature with psychosomatic and internal issues.

There must be something wrong with you. There has to be .

Oh my God, what is wrong with you? Why do you have to


… Such a disappointment. You absolutely disgust me.

See? Now you’re crying again. You’re so sensitive.

You can’t even handle addressing your faults.

You’re always crying like a baby.

Cause that's what we are.

A crybaby.

Into Jasper’s Mind : This poem basically outlines my inner struggles with me being more emotional than most people. It outlines my internal belief that me being emotional bothers people, and leads me to be hurt. The style of poem I decided to write in is called, Shape Poetry (also called Concrete Poetry). Shape Poetry is supposed to be shaped as the thing the poem describes. It adds meaning to the poem. I decided to make this poem so I could share emotions that most people would be adverse to sharing. I wanted to make this poem so that those who relate to my issues could not feel so alone and ostracized from the rest of the world.

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So good Jaspers

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