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Creative Writing Corner - 1st Edition

Welcome to our Creative Writing Corner! In this section, you will hear all different voices from all grades. This installment is brought to you by Jasper Hough, a sophomore, a Media Major.

30 Minutes After

By Jasper Hough

I don’t know what to do. Not anymore, at least. I had everything planned out and now everything is ruined. To study the moon. The beautiful giant white mass of rock revolving around the Earth. Or, what WAS the Earth.

I don’t understand what could’ve happened. What could’ve gone so horribly wrong? Everything was going to be perfect. The plan was for me to return home in a week. I could finally see home again. Breathe fresh air again. Be with my family again. And now it's all gone within an instant. I’ve heard tragic stories of how people have had everything taken away from them, firmly believing that it could never happen to me. That I would always have a good life. Nothing bad would ever happen to me. But now, my family is gone. My friends are gone. And most importantly, the Earth is gone.

It feels like I’ve been standing in the same spot for hours. Standing in my heavy, clunky, white spacesuit. My body, trembling and quivering from shock. My eyes, constantly filling and overflowing with glossy tears. How long has it been? 3 minutes. I haven’t moved in over 3 minutes. Only 3 minutes ago, were my plans to go home ruined. Only 3 minutes ago, did the Earth explode. And now, I have to acquiesce in the misery fate had brought upon me.

My mind begins to wander aimlessly, as I look at the now melancholic sight before me. Was I now the only human alive? Did I just watch the potential end of the human race? Was I now trapped here until my rations ran dry? All these thoughts rattled through my brain, causing a slight pounding sensation in my temples, and increasing the overwhelming feeling of dread. What am I doing here? Why couldn’t I have stayed on Earth? Why did I have to be so adamant on flying to space, and researching the stars? Maybe if I didn’t go on this expedition, I would be happy. I would be dead, but happy nonetheless. I would’ve been able to spend my last moments with my family. Maybe my friends. Thinking of all the people I’ve gained and have just lost within an instant, is making my head spin. I can’t focus on one thing anymore. It feels like I’m going insane. How long have I been standing here? 18 minutes. I’ve been stuck in my own paralyzing thoughts for 18 minutes. The Earth blew up 18 minutes ago. But it feels like it's been 18 hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was hallucinating. Maybe I am. Spending 3 long years in a soundless, personless, endless void will do things to a person. Maybe the insanity has finally caught up with me. But I know that deep inside my heart, that I’m not hallucinating. The Earth is gone. Humanity is gone. There is truly no one left, except me.

My prolonged existence is futile. I have fuel, but nowhere to go. I have rations, but they’ll only last me for a week or so. I have oxygen, but that’ll run out soon also. It’s useless. Everything is useless. Me spending so long pondering was pointless. I wasted so much time. Every single second that goes by, the crushing weight of reality settles in even more. Every realization causes breakdown after breakdown, the bubbles of my tears stuck on my face due to zero gravity, my spacesuit weighing heavier and heavier on me as seconds pass. Is this what despair feels like? The feeling of true and utter hopelessness. The melancholic feeling that hangs in the air, and encapsules your very being. It’s surrounding me. It’s DROWNING me. It's too much. It’s so exhausting. Burdening even. I need to make my final decision.

15 seconds. As my body foolishly attempts to draw in large breaths, I watch my tears float into the vacuum that is space. The air is so cold. It reminds me of winter. Maybe even colder. How long did I manage to last? Maybe things were meant to end this way. Maybe I should’ve stayed home. I have so many regrets. So many things I wish I could’ve done. So many mistakes I wish I could’ve fixed. It hurts emotionally and physically. My lungs burn like lava. They feel like they could explode at any moment. 10 seconds. The silence is so ominous but so beautiful at the same time. Like a silent symphony. The stars are so breathtaking. I remember the first time I saw them. I was blown away by their captivating beauty. 5 seconds. It's becoming difficult to keep my eyes open. It burns so bad, but there's no point in crying out. No one would hear me. I wouldn’t even be able to hear me. As I close my eyes, I let out the most broken smile I possibly can. I always wanted to make sure that I’d be remembered with a smile. 1 second. 30 minutes.

There’s nothing I can do now. I don’t think there ever was. I had to watch as everything was taken from me. But now, I can finally be at true peace.

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