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Creative Writing Corner - 2nd Edition

Welcome to our Creative Writing Corner! In this section, you will hear all different voices from all grades. This installment is brought to you by Jasper Hough, a sophomore, a Media Major.

Tragedy’s Silver-Lining


Ever so cruel and unfair.

And where positivity grows,

It erases into despair.

It spreads its pain like a flourishing disease.

Contaminating the innocent and meek.

Thousands wail and cry,

In a orchestra of suffering,

Praying on those who will listen,

And begging others to try.


Changing the way of breathing

Slowly dying as time passes

So the hurt is not as seething.

It contorts our existence

As a god with infinite control

To make way for the new beginnings,

And say their farewells to the old.

The sick begin to rebuild

Homes and hopes shattered,

To make way for the calm

As the storm slowly falters.


The unwell begin to heal

And their cries begin to cease.

The memories still persist

But now with thoughts of strength and peace.

The crops of positivity flourish

As the disease of despair dies out.

The war is now long over,

Time to focus on the now.

Into Jasper’s Mind:

What inspired me to write about this is past experiences I’ve had in my life regarding many different tragedies I’ve faced. This incites the hopelessness you may feel in the moment, But how with the changes that come with the tragedy, you also change and become stronger with each setback that you face.

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