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The Girly Times! Take 8

From 7th grade Music Major, Khadijah B, comes The Girly Times! In this section, Khadijah will go over things in her life that she loves, interested in, and pop culture.

Hi girly girl today we are going to talk about my after-school program peace of the city so let get started.

Founded in 1992, Peace of The City links the powerhouses of advocacy, transformation, literacy, and the arts to radically shift the trajectory of the youth we love. At POTC, children and young people are surrounded by a loyal and hardworking staff, beautiful lights, candles, music, and furnishings that speak of home and belonging rather than institutions. POTC’s foundation in trauma-informed care and restorative justice champion the academic, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional well-being of all who walk through our doors.

I found Peace of the City when my aunt showed my mom and me a Facebook post about their summer arts program that starts in June. I've done their summer program and enjoyed all the arts. I learned how to act, costumes, makeup and music and we did a showcase on Peter Pan with a mashup of drill, spoken word, hip-hop and that was for two days, then in September I came to the after school program and I've learned how to do stage makeup and videography. I've made so many new friends and they have some new cool plays going on like right now for the high schoolers they're doing Richard the Third. I am part of their summer program and they have a teen program where they learn small business skills. I have been here for year. My favorite programs are the theatre workshops, makeup class, and videography class. Everybody is so kind and welcoming.

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