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The Girly Times! Take 7

From 7th grade Music Major, Khadijah B, comes The Girly Times! In this section, Khadijah will go over things in her life that she loves, interested in, and pop culture.

Hi girly girls - today I am going to tell you about a free write poem that I made. Let's get into it!

I Will Never Have the Teenage Girl Experience

I will never have the teenage girl experience.

I never got asked to go dancing with a boy while

most of my friends are dancing, partying, having

boyfriends I’m told that I look like a rugrat, a

chipmunk, I’m not pretty enough to get dates,

nobody at this school thinks I’m pretty, everybody

said I look Cinderella before the fairy godmother

comes into the story. Never the 2 years that I've been here -

I've never had a boyfriend, never been invited to a

party, to everyone I’m just the bratty girl who is

just the meanest person ever. All the girls in my

school have boyfriend, friends, going to parties

while every weekend I’m just at home with nobody

to hang out with because all the kids in my class

are at a party. I’m too weird to be invited to parties,

all the girls in my class are the best of buds I’m just

there because I don’t fit in at this school. I’m too girly

to be here I’m the only girl at this school who likes

pink, 2000's rom-coms, make up, shopping, no other girls

at this school like that kind of stuff. All the girls in

my class are tomboys.

I will never have the teenage girl experience.

That all girls, see you next week!

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