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Distinguished Alumni

The Arts Academy is extremely proud to have nurtured and molded many successful alumni, some of which include: Jessie L. Martin (The Flash, RENT, Law & Order), Ani DiFranco (recording artist, founder of "Babeville"), Claudine Ewing (WGRZ-TV), Pete Gallivan (WGRZ-TV), Stefan Mychajliw (Erie County Comptroller),Ramona Thomas-Reynolds (Principal of MLK), Carmen Intorre (professional percussionist/drummer, graduate of Juilliard School of Music), Gabriel Croom (broadway cast of “Lion King”), Elizabeth Young (President/Creative Director at Studio LLc),Julian Montague (graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and installation artist). Current Arts Academy alumni on staff include: Jody Covington (Principal), George Davis (vocal music), Nicole Jones (dance), Jay Ingerson (technical theatre), David Riffel (media), Don Jones (admissions coordinator).
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