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Play the Playlist - Vibe #1

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Adria is a 9th grade Media Communications major with a deep passion for music. Here is her latest curated playlist - read below for her thoughts on her playlist.

Adria's Vibe Check: The reason why I chose the music of this playlist is that it releases a very ethereal and relaxed atmosphere. I like songs that make me feel like I'm somewhere else, somewhere a little more peaceful. Or songs that you can listen to during a walk, or at least someplace outside. Fundamentally, the point I'm trying to get is songs with an ethereal and earthy natural atmosphere are my favorite. Especially due to the fact that it also assists with my anxiety or whether or not I feel overwhelmed. Listening to something that soothes me or gives me space makes me feel better; music for me is highly therapeutic.

Press play below to start enjoying the playlist.

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