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Captivated C: Vault Hits #1

Updated: Mar 13

Chy's Notes: My name is Chy’Ana. I am a senior at Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. I am an artist, most known for my singing, rapping and guitar playing. In this piece I dove into the hyper-pop genre to experiment with my sound. I based this song off of an experience with a break up. I called it Lonely Girl to show that it’s okay to be alone and paired it with an upbeat melody and beat to support my emphasis on loving yourself and going on no matter how down you are feeling. Listen below and enjoy!

Lonely Girl

I’m just a lonely girl

I’m in my own little world

Fighting the voice in my mind

Will not give up waste no time

I've come so far

To find my worth

I’ll be alone

And don’t mind cuz I’m HER

Captivated C can be followed on Instagram (@captivatedcmusic), viewed on YouTube (Captivated C), heard on Soundcloud (below), Apple Music, Spotify and her website is for upcoming shows and recently dropped tracks.

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