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Vocal Jazz - Soul's Anthem (It Is Well)

“Souls Anthem (It Is Well)” Performed by: BAVPA Vocal Jazz Director: Ms. Lauriann Stephan Word & Music: Kirk Franklin and Victoria Loren Kelly Arranger: David Wise Soloists: Toby Travis Aniya Palmer Talia Nesbitt Shayla King Calia Hardy Samuel Parker To our vocal jazz ensemble this song means learning to have faith. To have faith during the hardest of times, even when we feel the pain is so great they we may not survive it. How can we find comfort to walk through these difficult times without collapsing. Horatio Spafford originally wrote the text to the hymn "It Is Well" after losing his 4 daughters at sea. He couldn't imagine how he would possibly go on living after his horrific loss. But through these powerful words that came to him at the site of his daughter's deaths, are the very words that we lean on through life's hardships. Every time vocal jazz sings this song they try to bring these words to life and into the souls of those who are willing to hear.

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