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The Peace Project 2020

The Peace Project goes virtual in the year 2020.

Every year, the Department of Arts asks our students to express what Peace means to them through visual arts, dance, and theatre. As expected, they did not disappoint.

The Department of Arts invites you to enjoy the visual art and literary works written by our talented young artists, writers, and actors. The venue may be different, but the message is the same. Peace is our Project. The Peace Project exhibition celebrates all that is good about humanity revealed through the thoughts of our young artists who center their work around hope, change, joy, and love. These young artists remind us we need to always be kind, tolerant, compassionate, and open to love and happiness in all its wonderful forms.

This is especially important during this unique and challenging year of 2020, where we all need to be mindful of those that are less fortunate, those that are suffering, and those that may not feel loved or cared for. This seems especially so during this unrelenting COVID-19 epidemic. Congratulations to the students, teachers, and administration whose schools will be represented in Peace Project 2020: PS 017 Early Childhood Center PS 027 Hillery Park Elementary PS 045 International School PS 048 at Martin Luther King Cultural Institute PS 065 Roosevelt ECC PS 079 Pfc. William J. Grabiarz School of Excellence PS 081 Community School PS 089 Dr. Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence PS 097 Harvey Austin School PS 156 Frederick Law Olmsted PS 192 Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts PS 366 Research Laboratory High School for Bioinformatics & Life Sciences

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