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Stunning Media Communications Student Work

At Buffalo Performing Visual and Performing Arts, there is a myriad of talent, skills and creative personalities constantly at work. In this article, meet one of our Media Communications majors and enjoy her most recent work.

Hello! My name is Syeda. I’m a 10th grade Media Communications major. Our recent cinematography challenge was a “B-Roll Challenge”. A B-Roll Challenge is a footage that is not in main action, like found in commercials. This challenge is commonly done by professional videographers to hone their skills. I filmed about an Infiniti Q50s. What inspired me to do this project was my obsession with cars as they are my favorite subject to film. I love the way light shines on the car and the modifications made on that car like the star lights inside the roof of the car and the custom logo under the door. The process of filming this was really fun and exciting. I used my drone, had well thought out and creative framing, special filters and effects to make my project appear like a professional commercial.


B-Roll Infiniti Q50s Commercial

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