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Music Playlist Project

The Playlist Project was born from a desire and need to create music again after an extraordinary year for us all. Designed originally as a Music History class assignment, students were tasked with choosing a song that held special meaning to their personal experiences. After many rehearsals, they would record their performances to create The Playlist. As we began, it quickly took on a life of its own, as our Class of 2021 Music Majors went all in on this project. Our music seniors were able to use music to express their feelings during times of unrest and uncertainty. Through an extraordinary collaborative experience with Mr. Riffel and the Media Communications department, Mrs. Pitnell and the Class of 2021 Music Seniors were able to produce and are proud to present a playlist compiled of these performances.

Engineered by Allei Floyd, Kaleab Jarrett, and Corey Rodgers

Mixed and Produced by J. Pitnell

Mixed and Mastered by D. Riffel

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