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Media Communications Major takes over Nick News!

Fellow Media Communications Major, Nero Kennedy, interviewed Pride David on her experience with being hired by Nickelodeon for Nick News.

Nick News (TV Series 2021- ). (n.d.).

Breaking (Nick) News!! Pride David (she/her), 11th grade Media Communications major at Buffalo’s Academy for Visual & Performing Arts has recently starred in a new episode of Nick News, which is a children’s television show on Nickelodeon. Last year, Pride was selected to work for a teen fact checking network known as MediaWise. Currently, she works at MediaWise as a YouTube host and editor. While working for Mediawise, she has participated with Channel 13, a local news outlet. At Mediawise she spoke about how people see information on the internet, like memes and news articles, and how they can be misleading. Pride started working with Mediawise in January of 2022, and was reached out by Nickelodeon in November of 2022. When Nickelodeon reached out to Pride, she immediately agreed to work with them. She has loved Nickelodeon and said that she had, “Always watched Nickelodeon growing up with her brother.” With her love of Nickelodeon it was an “easy yes” for her to join their team. Nick News started airing episodes in 1992 and discontinued in 2015. But, as of three years ago it has been revived to represent people all over the United States, amplifying black voices during the start of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Ever since, Nickelodeon has been using Nick News to spread children and teenager’s voices and opinions around the country. Nickelodeon features Pride David, Kahlil Green and Isaiah Crews in an episode addressing misinformation that aired on February 22nd 2023. This show is available on Spectrum, Paramount Plus and YouTube TV, and you can stream the episode for free by clicking here or scanning the QR code below:

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