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Know Her Name: A Celebration of Black Women

The Buffalo Arts Academy's presentation of Know Her Name, a digital experience celebrating Black women was launched today by the Media Department. This space was created by students, under the direction of Mr. Riffel and Ms. Murray, as an acknowledgment of the strength, love, and leadership stored in the hearts of black women. #Media

The Student Production Team published this letter.

"We recognize that Black women are integral to the success of our nation and have been for years. They were the abolitionist of slavery, they fought for voting rights, equal education, and helped put an end to segregation. We see that they do this not only for themselves but for their communities and the entire nation. They are opening up doors and opportunities for young women all over the country and inspiring women all over the world to become successful and exercise their rights. In this space, we will explore their many stories and contributions and celebrate all that couldn’t have been done without the hard work and advocacy of Black Women. And in the end, we will... Know Her Name.

Creatively Yours, The Student Production Team"

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