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Creative Writing Corner - 5th Edition

This week's creative writing comes from junior Media major, Molly Morseon.

Molly's Mind: This came from a journal entry in my Media Communications class, also a picture, of people sitting on a balcony, looking at the sky.

Starry Nights

Mama always used to say that our atoms were created in space with our universe.

This was her theory for soulmates.

She believed that people were made of the atoms that were created with the universe, this is why people are drawn to each other. If their atoms were near each other during the creation of the universe, they will always be drawn back to each other.

When I was younger I believed her, but as I grew up, I grew out of the belief system.

But now, as I stand here, on the balcony of my apartment, looking up at the night sky with Kirru right beside me, I can’t help but start to believe again.

Maybe Mama was right.

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