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Comic Corner: The Mushroom Surprise

This week's comic is brought to you from Freshman Media Communications major, Adriana Maldonado.

Answers from Adriana: My comic is about two mushroom friends. The mushrooms names are Aleina and Gary. Aleina is the bigger mushroom and she likes telling jokes, while Gary is the smaller mushroom and he just copies Aleina sometimes. This comic takes place in a forest next to a tree, where the mushrooms start growing.

I was inspired by my mushroom plushie and my mushroom earrings (I really like mushrooms). I chose to do a comic about mushroom friends because I thought it would be original and that nobody else would do it (except for other mushroom lovers). I also included a small side story of the clouds talking because I thought it would give them more life and give the clouds a personality.

I wrote this comic about mushrooms because I think that mushrooms are really cool and that mushrooms are beautiful in their own way. By the end of the comic, Aleina got tired of Gary, so she left. When Aleina left, Gary was left in surprise because he didn't know mushrooms can walk (they can't, I just wanted to add a twist). When Gary is left alone he realizes that there was a mushroom growing behind them and his name was Marven. Gary never knew that Marven was behind him so it gave an awkward vibe between them.

I'm Adriana Maldonado, I love mushrooms, my favorite color is green, I love snakes, I love reading, I love writing stories, and I love drawing/coloring. That is all, Have a great day!

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