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Come Together - An Epic Music Collaboration.

The Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts Music Department is proud to present its unique arrangement of “Come Together,” by The Beatles. Featuring original lyrics and multiple styles, this performance showcases our students in grades 7-12. Under extraordinary circumstances, our students redefined what it means to collaborate as an ensemble. In a time of social unrest and isolation, this project represents community, authenticity, and hope. The best is yet to come at Performing Arts! #Music


Welcome to BAVPA, it's been far too long

We've had some time apart but we must carry on

11 months have past we're finally clear

Strings, guitar, band, vocals, PAs got it all here

We’ve come so far along this crazy path

We stand united no matter how hard things get

We are strong, determined, resilient, and kind

We have compassion for each other as we find peace of mind

Come Together, Stay Strong, We Are Here

Bienvenidos todo mi gente

It’s been tough, but we are tougher

Staying home con su familia

Losing loved ones, hold your familia

Close we stick together while life keeps getting harder

Abuela’s cooking y watching novelas con su tía, all night

In the Heights!

Come Together, Stay Strong, We Are Here

Standing strong together

Memories here forever

We know how hard it was

But standing strong we fight 'cause it's our right

Through protest and COVID

We’ll fight till the dawn alright

We’ve had problems we've fought every battle

But we stayed strong through all of these crazy hassles

Be the change and you will soar

You’re enough just as you are

Come Together, Stay Strong, We Are Here

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