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Alternate Universe OC's with Al

About the Author: Al is a creative kid. They can be seen drawing, writing, and daydreaming. You wouldn’t be shocked if Al suddenly starts to ramble on about his Original Characters which are also known as OCs. He is a New Hire in the Media Communications Department.

“Why does he draw and talk about his OCs so much?” One may ask, and his answer will always be, “because it fuels my imagination and helps me build good stories. One may take me a day, or a whole week, but they’re fun to do and I can imagine what they look like.” One example is Rose, his first ever true OC. Rose was mostly based off of his obsession with dragons when he was younger, and her backstory is mostly based off of an anime he used to love. Al, however, decided to make an alternate universe where all 48 OCs live together in a small town. Al did this since he thought that it would be interesting if all his different OC groups, with all different stories met up and interacted with each other. 


"The luckiest girl in town," they'd say. They weren't wrong though. Rose was the luckiest. Always finishing first and passing every test she used to have when she was in high school. No wonder she was in the top 20. Well, more like top 7. Everyone wanted to be like Rose, she's smart, likable, beautiful and had a majestic appearance. What could you not like about this wonderful girl? Now look at her, all settled in painting and drawing beautiful pieces. Her bright blue eyes could light up any room. her dark blue hair, faded purple at the ends, her beautiful painting dress that fell down past her knees. Rose however loves to play dumb, but can become strict if it comes to someone's health and life. Anyone who stands around her can't help but smile, because she's really funny and kind-hearted. People like to think she was sent from the heavens, but her cat on the other hand is a different story. The cat's name is Shadow, and it's the exact opposite when it comes to personality. He's very picky about who he wants to show affection to. Rose is obviously his favorite. She was the one who saved him when he was just a kitten. That's another thing about Rose, she loves animals! If she sees a random cat on the street, there's a high chance that Rose will run up to the cat and pet it.

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