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Turning Visions into Reality with Aniyah Carter

Aniyah is a Junior Media Communications major with a specialty is photography. She has her own website dedicated to her photography and pricing, located here. When she's not busy with school, she is often volunteering to capture important events around school or sports games.

Through the Lens with Aniyah: I have multiple reasons I decided to do a shoot like this with our boys basketball team. But the most important reason is because I wanted to test my limits and skills. I wanted to see if I can take a vision in my head and make it reality which is exactly what I did. I took inspiration from different types of sports photo shoots and put them all together to match the vision I had. I only started taking pictures last year for the team so I was skeptical about it. I was thinking I was in over my head but with some motivation from my media teachers those thoughts completely disappeared.

I tuned out all my thoughts and focused on my vision. And when I saw the lights hit the players I knew I made my vision a reality. They came out exactly how I hoped they would. I got help from Syeda, she supported my decisions and helped me with whatever I needed. I’m really glad how they came out and can’t wait to see what else I create in the future.


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