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Hello Mr. President!

Reported on by Freshman Media Major, Isaiah Firestone

On October 7th, Jason Butler was elected senior class president. Now, three weeks later, we’re checking in with him to see what he plans to do to serve the senior class of 2024.

During the pandemic and the 2016 presidential election, Jason decided that he wanted to be class president. He’s not stopping there, though. He plans to go into politics and hopes to someday become the U.S. president. Due to the pandemic, he wasn’t able to run for class president in eighth grade, so now that he’s senior class president, Jason hopes to give the graduating class of 2024 some of the opportunities that they were deprived of during the pandemic. Jason wants to have fun activities this year, like a senior field trip at the end of the year, class activities, and anything he can do to improve the seniors’ final year in the building. He says, “We finally did it … these past four years have been absolutely insane and … we need a break, we deserve it.” Jason says that he knows that some kids don’t have the best circumstances at home, so he just wants to make sure that school can be a fun, safe place to learn and have the best experience possible.

To serve the senior class as best as he can, Jason says that his fellow classmates can text him, message him on his Instagram account, or just find him in the halls! He also plans to participate in afterschool clubs and other school programs so that he can accurately represent the diverse senior class. He says that to check in on his progress, he is making a presidential Instagram account (@class_president_bavpa24) where he will post information and will be addressing the class at the joint council meeting, where seniors will be able to ask questions and hear his plans.

If you see Jason in the halls, congratulate him on his election, and he encourages you to let him know anything that you want to see in the next school year!

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