@ the Arts Academy

The Arts Academy has had the great fortune to support the work of  ConnectLife, formerly Unyts. The National Honor Society and the Health/Wellness Club lead the effort in the form of education, events and blood drives within the school. Students run the annual ConnectLife campaigns and have had great success by increasing the number of student and staff blood donors incrementally each year.

What is ConnectLife?

As Western New York’s only community blood center and federally designated organ, eye, and tissue procurement agency, ConnectLife saves and enhances lives through the support and compassion of donors who graciously choose to give the gift of life. Visit ConnectLife for more information.

- One pint of blood can save up to 3 lives.

- About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood.

- Unyts is the primary supplier a blood products for Kaleida Health, ECMC, and all the hospitals in Niagara & Wyoming countries.

- Donated blood stays in WNY to help LOCAL Patients in Local hospitals.

- in 2012, over 25,000 presenting blood and platelet donors, for a total of over b115,000 presenting blood donors since june 2007.

- Unyts works with over 1,000 community partners to host blood drives across WNY

Facts About ConnectLife

- A single donor can save or enhance the lives of up to 50 people

- Over 120,000 individuals are awaiting transplants.

- Approximately 10% are from New York

- Approximately 74 organ transplants take place everyday in the US.

- Sadly, an Average of 18 patients die everyday while waiting, simply because the organ they needed did not become available in time.

Organ & Tissue Donation

Blood Donation

Tree Of Life

The large scale mural of a tree was created by the students of the Arts Academy. This project was led by the ConnectLife team and now stands in the lobby of the school.

Student Team

Hi, i'm Shannon the team leader. I started this project to get more people involved in UNYTS, and to become more aware of UNYTS and why it's good to have some knowledge of it. I plan to expand this project with the help of my awesome crew!  

Hey, I'm Luis. I am the videographer for the UNTYS project. I joined the project to help spread the word about UNYTS. I hope to strengthen my photography skills while I try to help a noble cause. 

Hey, I'm Sam. I designed the logo for the team shirts. I joined the project to help people prepare and know more about UNYTS. I plan to help the UNYTS crew more with more projects and social events. 

Hey, I'm Devon the web-site designer and co-leader of the UNYTS program and I helped with this project to give people hope, another organ and a second chance at life.