Media Communication Arts

The Media Communication Arts program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in television production, journalism, and creative film-making.

As a student within Media Communication Arts, you'll develop critical thinking skills. You'll apply your broad based understanding of co-mmunication in ways that better your own life and in the broader community in which you live. You'll cultivate a curiosity for personal 

creativity and sharpen your analytical and artistic literacy. 

  • The development of media production skills that involve synthesizing information, using digital media and technology to communicate ideas in the format of a broadcast news package, and engaging in cycles of revision and feedback to polish their work.

  • Collaborative and teamwork competencies, including intellectual curiosity, the ability to give and receive feedback and confidence in self-expression and advocacy.

  • Increase in media literacy analysis skills, selectivity in media use choices, and a shift towards high quality news sources over entertainment-type news.

  • Develop writing competency to include researched news, opinion, scripts, and critical analysis.

  • A less apathetic view of news and journalism, as well as orientation toward broadcasting and journalism careers.

  • Increased commitment to civic activism and an interest in civic engagement activities, particularly ones that are digital and collaborative.

The Communication Arts Department was established in 1977 with the opening of the Buffalo Academy for the Visual & Performing Arts school. The Department’s curriculum provides study in journalism, filmmaking, audio recording, and television production.


The Department also supports video documentation of school and District events and projects and productions; and community partner video projects.


In return for passing an audition and meeting academic requirements, accepted students are promised to have the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in television production and audio recording; to study the techniques of effective journalism; to learn how to film and edit short movies and video; and to take an idea and develop a script that will bring that concept to life on screen. As seniors, students will have the technical background and experience to qualify for internships, to work on special projects with partner organizations, to be readied for college media communication study, and credentialed for entry-level professional positions in the television and film industry.

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